Giving back by Pro Bono

We are very proud of our community support program which ranges from the new Life Trust orphanage in Myanmar to The Womens’ Legal Service Queensland.

We also support the Cancer Council and here  are some interesting comments from a referrer:

Referrer Q&A

Across the country we work with wonderful referrers including social workers and oncology nurses at cancer treatment centres and hospitals who refer individuals to the program who need assistance with legal, financial, workplace and small business issues. We spoke with Victorian referrer Jessica Valentine who has referred many clients to the Pro Bono Program over the past 2 years about her experience with the program. Here’s what Jessica had to say…

I work at… Western Health- Sunshine Hospital in St Albans in Victoria.

I refer patients to the Pro Bono Program because… I have had positive feedback from patients who have utilised the financial planning and legal service. A cancer diagnosis can often cause financial disruption that can cause additional distress for patients and their families. These patients often feel pressured to continue working despite feeling unwell during their treatment. They are sometimes unaware of insurances that may be attached to their superannuation, mortgage, credit cards etc. The pro bono financial planning service can assist patients to navigate their best financial options and advocate on their behalf.

A cancer diagnosis can also alert people to legal issues that can cause them to feel overwhelmed in their already stressful circumstances.  Patients are often relieved to learn of the legal service available when they are experiencing financial hardship.


We have achieved successful outcomes for patients in these difficult circumstances and can be proud that we helped someone in a time of need.

If you or any of your friends are affected by cancer please let us know as we are able to work pro bono through the cancer Council to provide legal solutions.

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