Clarity in the Cloud

Welcome to 2015! How lucky we are to have the chance to try, yet again, to create a life that we want to live, with what we have been given.

Perhaps it is a case of finding clarity in the cloud of confusion that is everyday life.

This time of year, we attempt to make strong resolutions about how we will do things differently and yet it can come unstuck so very easily.

I thought I would share a few of my New Year musings:

  1. Learn from last years’ mistakes;
  2. Be more careful in my decisions;
  3. Take the positive approach;
  4. Try harder at everything I do;
  5. Be kinder and more patient;
  6. Drink more tea and less alcohol.

Well I seem to have busted number one already which means I failed in taking a more moderate approach to work and life. This is the human condition, but strive we must.

I wanted to say something more about planning leading to greater success. Prepare a checklist, tick the boxes and TRAIN, TRAIN, TRAIN!

Perhaps it is more like Zen and the Art of Motor Cycle Maintenance, which I have been reading. It is not the endpoint result that counts, it is the way the journey is travelled that is important.

Either way, the best you can do is to give it your best shot.

My other New Year points are:

  1. Make sure you get your legal things in order just in case;
  2. Review the important contracts in your life such as insurance, super and investments;
  3. Make a personal and business plan including a holiday as a reward;
  4. Keep your body moving to some fitness program;
  5. Consult an independent advisor to keep your finances on track;
  6. Make time to think outside the box each week to ensure you are on the right path.

These are not very specific but it is strange how many of the issues that we deal with from a legal perspective come down to a problem not addressed in a timely manner.

Many times during expensive and arduous litigation clients have asked themselves “why didn’t we do something sooner?”

We hope to encourage clients to talk to us at the earliest opportunity so we can do a better job and achieve more valuable outcomes for them.

This year we are inviting our business clients to see us after hours when required and to collaborate with us in preparing a plan for their matter. This means time and money budgets as well as defined outcomes.

If we can save you money we will, but we try to make sure it is not short sighted. If we would not do it ourselves we will not recommend it.

This year we plan to improve our technology and research platforms, add another business to the group and to improve our systems and procedures to deliver more consistently great work. Back to the lists I think!

Thanks to everyone who has been providing feedback by our quick survey and please take the chance to have your say at the link below.

Have a great year!

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