Voyage of the Beagle

This year is the start of my voyage through the world of blogging. A little bit like the ‘Voyage of the Beagle’ by Charles Darwin! It took him five years sailing around the world, but the result was a revolution in acedemic writings known as ‘The Origin of the Species’. I am hoping to create a fresh view of the world!

After many years of writing for legal publications, I have decided to share a few parts my clients have found interesting. My aim is to continue to build on these themes largely based in commercial and succession law. Given the diversity of our business, we see many interesting case studies. I would like to alert people to the issues and suggest a new persepctive  with a twist. Through these articles, I hope to demonstrate our point of difference, the reasons why we do things a certain way and to better engage with our clients in the future. Best of all I hope to get some feedback, so please let me know if you are watching!


In essence, our business is all about helping you create and maintain value both in your asset structures and personally.  This includes your business, your investments, your family and your superannuation. Here are a few reasons why we think we can make a difference to you in all of these areas.

Why engage our business

  • We build trusted relationships with our clients. We are genuinely interested in your business, your investments and your personal circumstances.
  • We deliver outcomes for clients as if we were acting for ourselves in a matter. This is an excellent risk management tool for us and for you.
  • We are not a sharp practice. If we do not consider you need to change your position we will tell you. We will not embark on time wasting activity. We do not increase project fees without good reason.
  • We are a safe pair of hands for your business. If we would not do it ourselves we will not recommend it.
  • If we think there is a risk identified in your project we will suggest a positive solution.
  • We do  a careful analysis of  a project, the estimated fees and the steps required to achieve the results you want, from the outset.

Team support

  • We have a strong philosophy of collaboration between our lawyers so you get the maximum advantage by the strategic approach we take.

Cost effective

  • We present a clear Proposal so you can see the likely costs for a Project and the estimated costs for each stage.
  • We help you make informed decisions about the engagement and assists by being much more specific about your requirements.
  • We like to help you budget and will work with you on an agreed Project fee schedule if required.

Confidential service

  • We are very careful about security of our clients personal data and transactions.
  • We like our privacy so we protect yours.

Quality services  

  • We are constantly updating our technical capacity and seek to deliver the best legal results every time.
  • This takes careful planning and procedures, in-fact our insurance company likes how we have a strategic plan and management process for every transaction.
  • This adds a great deal of value and ensures you get the right advice each time.


  • We strive to have accessibility and open communication with you as a our client.
  • We ensure you understand the process, the risks and the costs.
  • We engage with your other advisors to ensure we work within the strategic plans you already have in place both business and personal.

We welcome feedback, comments and suggestions. If there is a topic of law you would like to see on the page please let me know.

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